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10+ Years of IT industry experience with extensive knowledge on User Experience and Interface Design. Creating effective and intuitive interfaces. Expertise in crafting Responsive Web and Mobile Applications, Website Design, and Graphics Design. Applying principles of Design Thinking and Human Centered Design to create memorable digital experiences. My UX Capabilities are User Research and Consulting, Persona Creation, User Flows, Information Architecture, Rapid and Interactive Prototyping, Tracing Usability issues, findings and providing effective solutions, Design Sprints etc.


  • Figma

  • Adobe XD

  • Adobe Photoshop (Creative Cloud)

  • Adobe Illustrator (Creative Cloud)

  • Sketch

  • Marvel

  • Zeplin

  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Creative Cloud)

Software Skills

  • Software skills operating system (Mac, Windows)

  • Presentation software (Powerpoint, Keynote)

  • Communication/ collaboration tools (Miro, Mural, Slack, Skype, Google)


I believe good design and powerful storytelling can bring a brand’s essence and personality to life. From conception to project completion listening is our top priority to ensure I deliver the best possible results for our clients. Our approach combines design inspiration from the art world with market research and analysis to provide a truly unique visual identity for our clients. 


Think. This is 90% of the job.

Ask. Discover the things you don’t know.

Get inspired. Create something new.

Collaborate. Big things can’t be done alone.

Create. Don’t fall in love with your creation. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Create all sketches, wireframes and mocks to communicate user flows and interactions to engineer, marketing/branding assets, Apple/Android-requested assets, and company website.

  • Responsible for all UX/UI design decisions to create visually stimulating and delightful designs.

  • Create pixel-perfect mocks for Engineering implementation

  • Driving Client calls and creating user stories, wireframes, clickable prototypes, visual designs for UX/UI (Agile Methodology).


User Research & Consulting

We deeply understand customer
requirements, behaviours, attitudes and pains for improvement. Our UX/UI
researchers and business analysts conduct a wide range of studies following user experience research methods.

  • User demographics

  • Define user goals

  • Define user challenges

  • Define metrics and form hypothesis

Usability Testing & Validation

Get honest feedback from users, eliminate

disjointed user flows, and build seamless interaction between your product and the users.

  • Usability Tests

  • A/B Testing for Web and Mobile

  • Review Metrics

  • Track Usage

Rapid and Interactive Prototyping

Replicate the final product through an interactive prototype with our UX prototyping services before actually developing one. Make informed product decisions using user-centered design with Iterative prototyping.

  • Interactive Wireframes

  • Moodboard

  • Interactive Mock-ups

  • Style guide

Design Sprints

Get fast product launch with early validation of assumptions and answers to critical business questions with an Agile UX/UI design team. Research.

Empathize. Create. Test. Develop.

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Design Tool

  • Wireframes

  • Interactive Prototyping

  • User Testing

  • Mockups

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